Which is the best data protection service provider?

Today it is possible to protect important information without a large staff of information security specialists. So, let's look at what services for the technical protection of confidential information are offered by modern companies, what processes they can be trusted with, and what they will have to deal with on their own.

Board software: corporate data protection in a new facet

Corporate data protection is one of the most important business stability and development tasks. Any company has valuable and confidential information that is used during professional activities. Both external and internal causes and events can act as information threats, so it is important to create an organization's comprehensive information protection system.

Ensuring information security on all fronts can be difficult for some companies. Problems, as a rule, arise due to the limited budget for information security (purchasing specialized solutions may simply be impractical), or due to a lack of qualified personnel in the field of information protection and information security (keeping highly paid specialists on staff is an unaffordable luxury for some). The way out, in this case, is to order services to protect confidential information and information security from third-party contractors. Nowadays, the IT market offers many alternative solutions that can ensure reliable tools for working with business-critical data. But many companies found an innovative solution for business cooperation of collegial bodies. It is board management software.

The main components that are necessary for the successful construction of a company information security system are:

  • a centralized system for managing information security tools;
  • tools that help identify and prevent intrusions;
  • anti-virus security tools;
  • tools for working with file encryption;
  • means of restricting access;
  • tools for analytics and event management;
  • tools for monitoring the integrity of information and applications.

Board portal software like BoardMind combines all these elements in a single cloud-based platform. You can read here more about its functionality.

Board software as the best data protection service provider

The board software aims to improve the efficiency of corporate governance bodies by automating processes using the latest IT developments and transparency of information circulation. The software provides the ability to collect, organize and store information, secure correspondence on business issues, in-person, and absentee voting, quickly log meeting results, delegate instructions, and control their execution. Implementing the system in the company makes it possible to eliminate paper procedures during meetings of collegial bodies.

With the board software, secure collaboration is ensured by the following capabilities:

  • Access data control

The board software allows centralized and flexible management of user access to confidential information, as well as storing the history and auditing operations on confidential documents within and outside the company. The application creates an additional layer of protection for important data by encrypting it and managing users' rights to decrypt a particular document.

  • Secure warehouse for documents

The board portal offers a well-structured data repository for business documents. Digitization of external business processes, their clear structuring, and the systematic storage of documents using board software tools will reduce business costs already at the initial stage, from sending the very first document to making the data sharing and storing more transparent.

  • Collaboration in real-time

The board portal has all the tools that allow this package to be considered a complete solution for organizing teamwork and a remote workplace for an employee, including video conferencing.